Saturday, April 15, 2017

It's Easter!

Did you know our Butterstix ® can be mixed with each other to create different color palettes? And our Butterstix® is not just for chalking it up! Try it with water, mix it and use it on different type of medium such as paper, plastic, steel, ceramic and even on eggs!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Canada Launches Jaq Jaq Bird!

As a small brand, blogging usually takes a back seat... but every now and then I will do some posting on our blog to get inspired!

We really LOVED what our distributor in Canada (Jaq Jaq Bird Canada, aka Hestia International) did for us! They invited bloggers, media, press, etc to play with our Butterstix® and did a Chalk writing workshop with Butterstix in a swanky restaurant in Toronto, Oretta. Thank you Nick, Sandy, Stephanie and the gang over at Oh Baby Magazine/Hestia for putting on a fantastic spread!! For Oretta Restaurant for your amazing culinary craft! (you have a beautiful restaurant!) What an amazing team! Han, our VP of sales was there at the launch, only I wish I could have been there too!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Kind & Jugend Hall 11.2 Booth F-32 and ABC Booth #123

Jaq Jaq Bird will be at Kind + Jugend at Hall 11.2 and Booth F-32 and ABC Booth #123. For ABC, please look for us with Oopsi Baby (new brand from California) at booth #123.

Retailers, we have some exciting new products to debut, so don't miss the show! We've been busy working on the new catalog and products. If you like to make an appointment, you get a gift for coming to see our new line. Please email:  to schedule a time.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Reusable Coloring Book

This year was supposed to be the time I scale back on our product development and spend time marketing.. but that simply is not happening... at the heart of who I am, I am driven more by what I love to do.. develop, create products! (sigh) And to be honest, as much as I love you all, I really dread the social media side of things..(even though I'm a total extrovert and I do love sharing to my customers about my whereabouts!) If it wasn't for the business, I would blot out my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. accounts right now. Poof! It would be gone... I have tried to hire someone to take over the SM part of the business but then you lose the personal side of the brand! This is all uncharted territory for me.. Anyway, my post is about some new products that are coming in for the summer shows in USA.. (Taking a break in Europe for the summer, sorry folks, I can't be at 2 places at the same time this year).. It is arriving  in June, Reusable Chalk Coloring Books with our Jaq Jaq Bird animal! :) The rest of the new products should be posting soon!! By the way, I'm losing my English living in Germany, yet, I can't seem to speak German either...(sigh again).

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Van Gogh for Van Gogh's Sake

One of my favorite museum living in Europe is Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I spent several hours (only because my kids were bored to tears) walking away inspired, refreshed and obsessively curious about the artist. We have all seen his works on stationery cards, mugs, calendars, but who is the man behind the drawings? I left the museum feeling intrigued. The more I studied his art, the more I loved his expression of creativity.. My kids think I am old because I love classical music, and I love it because the music pulls my soul into another sphere of beauty that I can't describe and this is how I feel about Van Gogh. In his technique of expression, there is a "pulling" of my soul that takes me into the other world.. Ok, that sounded way to deep for a blog post about kid/family products! Here are some of the pieces that move my soul, like the way Variations on the Rococo by Tchaikovsky pulls my soul into other worldliness.. which is also another hint of something that will be featuring this coming late summer/fall!

These images below are from The Van Gogh Gallery owned by David Brooks, who is the only one that has the entire collection of Van Gogh's images online.

Because he didn't have money to hire models to practice portraits, he did many self-portraits. 

Portrait of Woman in Blue, 1885 December
Bank of the Oise at Auvers, 1890 July